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Bunga Lily

LilySejenis bunga
Nama yang berkaitan
AirisSejenis bunga - iris
AzhaarBunga-bunga, Yang berseri, yang gemilang
AzharBunga-bunga, Yang berseri, yang gemilang, lebih cerah
AzharaBunga-bunga, Yang berseri, yang gemilang, lebih cerah
DahliaNama sejenis bunga
DaliaPohon anggur, sejenis bunga - dahlia
DarinNama Bunga
DarinaNama suatu bunga
EshalBunga syurga
FaghiraBunga melur
FellahBunga melati
GulnarBunga (Persian)
IrisSejenis bunga
JasminBunga melati
JasminaBunga melati
KadziyahPohon berbunga memanjang harum baunya
LillyannBunga lili (Latin)
LilySejenis bunga
NaflaBunga matahari
NailufarBunga teratai
NawiraBunga benteng
NeelopharBunga teratai biru
NilaaSejenis bunga
NilofarBunga teratai
NisrinHarum bunga mawar
NisrinaBunga mawar putih
RaihanBunga syurga, tumbuhan yg harum
RayhanBunga syurga, tumbuhan yang harum
SausanBunga Lili
ShephaliSejenis bunga
WardaBunga mawar
WardaniBunga mawar
WardiBunga mawarku
WashilMenyambung hubungan kekeluargaan
YasmeenBunga melati
YasminBunga melati
ZahrahBunga, cantik, bintang
ZahranBunga, Keindahan, berseri, cantik
ZaraPuteri, bunga yang cantik
ZeniaSejenis bunga
LaaliPermata-permata, mutiara
LaelaMalam yang gelap
LailaKerinduan, malam yang gelap
LeylaKerinduan, malam yang gelap
LillyannBunga lili (Latin)
LutfilahTaufik Allah
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Choosing a meaningful Islamic name

It's always a joy when Allah blesses you with a child. Children bring happiness and joy, but also trials and great responsibilities. One of the very first duties you have toward your new child, besides physical care and love, is to give your child a name that carries honor and Islamic meaning behind it.

It is reported that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "On the Day of Resurrection, you will be called by your names and by your fathers' names, so give yourselves good names." (Hadith Abu Dawud)

Remember, just because a name stems from a certain language or culture, doesn't mean that it has a good Islamic meaning. Several of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) changed their own Arabic names, because the meanings of their names connoted wickedness.

For example, someone named Harb ("war") had his name changed to Silm ("peace"), and one named Al-Munba'ith ("one who lies") became Al-Mudtaji' ("one who stands up," i.e. for the truth).

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